Terms and Conditions

Title and Registration

All customers are responsible to operate their motor vehicle in accordance with city, county, state, and federal laws. It is the DIRECT AND SOLE responsibility of the purchaser to check with their local Dept of Motor Vehicles or any other governing agency in their area regarding any and all registration and or licensing laws and regulations.

Warranty and Service

As a customer of FACTORYPOWERHOUSE.COM, you are responsible to service your own vehicle. Typically, small engine mechanics or people who have experience working on small engine style machines can service our products. Again, to better serve you and help you find a small engine mechanic use Superpages, type in "small engine repair" and your city and state. This will give you a list of possible mechanics in your area.

As stated on our warranty page, whether the any unit we sell is new or used, FACTORYPOWERHOUSE does not pay for labor to fix any bikes or pay for any person or mechanic to diagnose a problem. If you cannot diagnose the problem on your own, you will then need to find a mechanic that can diagnose your problem and let us know what part(s) are needed.

Damages that may occur due to customer misuse or improper care and maintenance (including but not limited to exceeding the weight limit, negligence by the user, or blatant misuse of normal intended operations) are not covered under the warranty.

To better help our customers locate issues on their units we ask that the warranty part be sent to our parts department for inspection and testing for defects. No warranty parts will be sent out until parts are received. This ensures we send you the right part the first time. Not only does this guarantee that we're sending you the right part, which saves our customers an enormous amount of time it helps us match the parts so we don't make mistakes by sending you either an older part or newer part that will not match your unit. This is only to help our customers out.

This warranty is provided to the original customer and is non transferable. There is no agreement or warranty, expressed or implied other than those stated in this agreement.

Okay, just a little bit more to go and we're finally done. FACTORYPOWERHOUSE does not provide or pay for labor and is not responsible for the payment of damages for incidental or consequential loss arising from injury. Ride at your own risk. All sales are final. Returns or Exchanges are not offered under any circumstance. We do sell awesome products but you must be careful by tightening bolts, checking for leaks, making sure all wires and hoses are connected properly and just being safe out on the open trail.

Safety & Inspection

Purchaser accepts all responsibility to inspect their product prior to every use and to make sure that the equipment is in safe and mechanical order. If purchaser is not qualified to inspect and service the equipment, they are are solely responsible to have any service or inspection performed by a certified mechanic. Purchaser is also solely responsible to wear all safety equipment when operating product, including but not limited to: eye protection, elbow pads, knee pads, chest protector, riding boots, riding clothes, helmets etc.. Purchaser acknowledges that they are 18 years of age or older.


Any order that is cancelled prior to us shipping the unit will be charged a $75.00 cancellation fee. To cancel an order after the item has been shipped you MUST refuse delivery when the freight company contacts you to deliver the item. Orders cancelled after they have been shipped will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Shipping Damage

Please note that any "shipping damage" that occurs during the shipping from FACTORYPOWERHOUSE or one of it's affiliate warehouses to the customer is the responsibility of the customer to initiate the claim with the shipping company. This will include contacting shipping company and notate what damage occurred and be responsible for parts claims.

Please look over crate and notice any concealed damage that may have occurred during shipping. Once you sign off on the receipt, regardless of who signs, the responsibility is on the customer from point of receipt.

FACTORYPOWERHOUSE safely packs and crates all units prior to shipping out of our warehouse. In the event that an item has been lost or damaged during shipping, please log onto our website and fill out a shipping damage form. The buyer must have shipping insurance at the time of the initial order in order to be eligible for replacement or reimbursement. Again, be sure to inspect your package when it arrives. If there is damage, notify us immediately.

Typographical Errors

We attempt to be as accurate as possible in our product pictures and specifications. Specifications published on our site come from the manufacturers and/or distributors. These specifications represent ideal circumstances; we cannot guarantee that product descriptions/specifications, pricing or any other content is accurate, complete or current.

In the event that a product is published incorrectly due to typographical, informational, technical or other error, we have the right, at our sole discretion, to either honor the published price or cancel the order.

Return Policy

We want you to be confident with your purchase. We are customer service driven and pride our selves at taking care of problems and issues as quickly as humanly possible. We would rather you have the item you purchased running properly and giving you the enjoyment you expected. Returning a product does not necessarily make things better. Instead of allowing returns on our product, we would rather make the product function and operate like it was intended from the manufacturer. With this said our item no returnable and no refundable. This is not our policy, because we think that people will return items. Just the opposite, we have full confidence in the product that we offer and we know that it is NOT JUNK. Once again as stated earlier, we will do everything we deem necessary to make things right. A large amount of our business is from referrals from other customers. We are in the business of repeat business, not just making a quick buck.


All products are shipped with standard shipping.  generally it will take 2 to 5 days after payment is received to receive your product.

Basic Maintenance
  1. Check the tire pressure every time before use
  2. Check the functionality of the brakes
  3. Walk around your vehicle to make sure nothing is loose or broken
  4. Make sure that your fluid levels are correct.
 Payment Plans

We usually don't except payment plans on any of our products.  If you purchase from our web site, and we have agreed to a payment plan our terms are as follows.

due to the risk of a payment plan on our end, there are no refunds on any payment plan product.  If you don't pay for your product up front, then you lose protection from a refund. 

If payments are late or not on time, any agreement between the company and the customer is void. 

Any payments to hold a product are non refundable,  A hold on a product will only last 2 months, unless other wise specified to the buyer.  A hold will never exceed 6 months if payment isn't made.  a down payment is non refundable.